Fulfilling our Apostolic Mission

The church mobilised to take the gospel of the Kingdom to every tribe and tongue, city and nation, transforming lives and communities, establishing apostolic works, planting churches and making disciples.

What it looks like:

Strong leaders, strong believers, strong churches – lasting fruit. More and more people coming to Christ and the church locally, nationally and internationally growing in strength and number. Spiritual awakening in villages, towns and cities. Lives being transformed with many testimonies of healings and miracles that could only have come from God. New churches planted along with a new generation of leader anointed to lead and develop these new congregations. Through the years of prayer, training, planning and walking in obedience to the call of God, those who have sown for years into their local communities and their nations reap a rich reward as they become people of influence; those to whom the people and the leaders of society turn.