Contact Details To contact the church office please call us on:01403 275025
or, send an email to: horsham

Sundays are the HIGHLIGHT of our week!

We are Christians from loads of different cultures and backgrounds with one thing in common... we love Jesus Christ! We are passionate about Jesus and worshipping Him and for us that's what Sundays are all about! We want the new life He has given us to reflect His goodness, faithfulness and love. Our desire is to know God more and to help everyone discover how amazing He is!

What you can expect to see on a Sunday morning...

If you've arrived by car one of our friendly Connect Team will help you find a parking spot. Anyone coming into the building will be greeted warmly at the door.

The HUB is the area you immediately walk into when you enter the building and from 9:00am on Sunday morning it is buzzing with activity. The HUB Café will be serving refreshments, so you can pick up anything from a spicy Chai Latte to a rich and punchy espresso. Or if you just fancy a something cold we stock a wide selection of smoothies, frappes and soft drinks...and for all you committed tea drinkers out there we also have a great selection of teas!

The content of our meetings varies from week to week but you can always expect wholehearted praise and worship as well as inspirational speaking from either one of our team here in Horsham or from a visiting speaker.

As Christians we wholeheartedly believe in giving to God and so every week there is a point in the meeting where people have a opportunity to give their tithes and offerings. If you are visiting us please do not feel any pressure to give.

Families and children are welcome to join us and we have activities for children during services.

Our service starts at 10am...we look forward to seeing you soon!

What's on for the kids...?

We have a dedicated Mother & Baby room in The HUB where you can feed your baby whilst still listening to the meeting.

Tiny Treasures: (0-2 yrs)
Tiny Treasures runs in the Purple Room at Kingdom Faith Church

Explorers: (3-4 yrs)
Explorers runs in the Red Room at Kingdom Faith Church

Adventurers: (5-Sch yr2)
Adventurers runs in the Yellow at Kingdom Faith Church

J24\:7 (Sch yr2-6)
Meets on Sunday mornings at Roffey Place during the service, you can catch the free J24\:7 bus to Roffey Place from Kingdom Faith Church which leaves shortly before the service begins.

United (School yr 7-13)
Meets every Friday between 7:30-9:30pm at the Church.

Our Info Point is on the left hand side as you come in so if you have any questions you need answering about up and coming events, or how you can get involved in the Life of Kingdom Faith Church, they'll be a friendly face there to help!

There is an area in The HUB where you can fill in a Prayer Request card, these cards are anonymous and we never divulge the content of the cards. We pray for all the requests together during the meeting. If you would like someone to pray with you at the end of the meeting there are people available to do so, just ask one of the Connect Team, and they will be happy to introduce you to one of the ministry team.

10:00am Service starts
Children's groups at
Foundry Lane & Roffey Place
11:30am Service ends
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