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Kingdom Faith Church Trust

Kingdom Faith Church is registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales under number 278746. The purpose of the Charity is the advancement of the Christian Faith.

The Charity is a trust formed under a declaration of trust dated 21 September 1979. The Trustees were incorporated as a body on the 4 May 2006 in the name "The Incorporated Trustees of Kingdom Faith Church". The governing body of Kingdom Faith Church are the Trustees who are legally responsible for the governance and management of the Trust, working in close consultation with the Elders of Kingdom Faith Church. The Trustees comprise of:

  • Rev Michael Barling (Chairman)
  • Clive Urquhart
  • Jonathan Croft
  • Bengt Wedemalm
  • Simon Coles
  • Jeremy Blake

The Trustees are responsible for the financial affairs, legal management and policies of the Charity. The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) are responsible for the spiritual direction and strategy of the Charity.

Authority to conduct the day-to-day operations of Kingdom Faith is delegated by the Trustees to the Elders of Kingdom Faith Church and the Leadership Teame. The Elders and the Leadership Team are responsible for the implementation of policies and strategies on behalf of the Trustees.

The management of the Charity is conducted through the Senior Leadership Team, comprising:

  • Clive Urquhart, Senior Pastor
  • Jonathan Croft, Elder
  • Paul Taylor, Elder
  • Jonathon Dyke, Pastor Worthing Congregation
  • Simon Coles, Operations Director

The Charity's Summary Information, Return of Aims, Activities and Achievements is available via the Charity Commission website. The Annual Report and Accounts are also available on-line via the Charity Commission website.

Any enquiries with regard to the Charity and Trustees should be addressed to Phil Pooley, Secretary to the Trustees at our Roffey Place address or email

The Charity's Auditors are:

Baldwin Scofield & Co
Chartered Accountants
Unit 3
Newhouse Business Centre
Old Crawley Road
West Sussex
RH12 4SA

The Charity's Solicitors are:

Donne, Mileham & Haddock
40 High Street
West Sussex
RH10 1BW