Leaders' Conference...

12 - 14 March 2018 | Kingdom Faith Church, Horsham With Colin Urquhart & Clive Urquhart

We have great pleasure in inviting you to come and join with a growing number of leaders from across the UK and Europe who are looking to work together to see their communities and nations impacted through the life of their people.

Aimed at the senior leaders and leadership teams, the One Way National Leaders' Conference is a dynamic time of faith and life with Apostolic and prophetic input from our main speakers. These conferences are always a "watershed" time for those who come.

There will be key messages for navigating your church into the future and to help you as a leader to redefine purpose and strategy in a new way and how to move into a new season with God and a greater level of life and ministry, as well as how to release your leaders more effectively to release others.

Leadership is as much about the practical as well as inspirational, so both of these are tackled over the three days in a number of relevant ways through the sessions.

With a wealth of experience in developing leaders, growing churches and impacting the community both locally and nationally the whole of our church team work together to make sure that you have an awesome three days.


Colin UrquhartColin Urquhart: Apostolic leader, founder of Kingdom Faith and well-known author, Colin has been ordained for over 50 years. His apostolic ministry is widely recognised and valued throughout the world. God has commissioned him to train men & women to carry the presence of Jesus Christ, His Spirit, His power and glory wherever they serve God.

Clive UrquhartClive Urquhart: Clive is the Senior Leader of Kingdom Faith. He is passionate about Jesus and preaching the Gospel to see peoples lives transformed by the life and power of God. He carries a powerful message to mobilise the Church to see society transformed with a mandate and vision to see revival that lasts for a generation!

Let these days be a time that shapes you, your leaders and your church, so that you will be charged with effectiveness and thrive in what God is doing with you in your locality and nation. - Clive Urquhart, Senior Pastor of Kingdom Faith