Training College Teaching Staff...

The teaching staff of Kingdom Faith Training College are not simply academic teachers, but people who live their message! Students are able to draw from the vast personal experience of men and women anointed by God to teach, train and equip you to change your world.

Colin Urquhart
Colin Urquhart - College Principal
As the founder of Kingdom Faith, Colin has more than 50 years of ministry experience in over 40 nations. He has written more than 50 books selling worldwide with a reputation of making profound truths simple when speaking and writing. His teaching brings understanding of God's Word and releases God's life and power that impacts the life of the students. Having experienced revival in his ministry he is able to lead students to encounter God in ways that transform their lives.
Clive Urquhart
Clive Urquhart - Senior Pastor
As Senior Pastor of Kingdom Faith Church, Clive has more than 30 years of leadership and ministry experience. He leads an anointed team devoted to living out the core principles of Kingdom Faith. He oversees the different aspects of the ministry of the Church including the many leaders and Churches who partner with Kingdom Faith. His passionate and practical teaching style equips students to live out their faith in real and active ways along with equipping them with leadership principles and skills.
Jonathon Dyke
Jonathon Dyke - Congregations & Missions Director
Jonathon's practical and motivational approach comes from over 25 years of missional ministry and leadership experience. Like many of the Kingdom Faith Staff Team he is a former graduate of the College. He plays a significant role in the teaching and training programme and, as a man of bold faith, his gifting is to encourage this dynamic of faith in the students in their discipleship, outreach, practical ministry and development of leadership.
Jane Urquhart
Jane Urquhart - Israel Director
Jane leads Kingdom Faith Church alongside her husband Clive, and has over 25 years of ministry experience. As well as leading the women's ministry in the Church, she teaches the significance of what God is doing in Israel and the Middle East. Making several trips a year and in relationship with key ministries that bring Jewish, Arab and Palestinian believers together in Israel, she brings a biblical understanding of God's purposes for Israel and the relationship that Christians are to have with His people there.
Gary Rumbold
Gary Rumbold - Pastoral Director
With more than 25 years of pastoral and discipleship ministry experience, Gary brings a wealth of very practical teaching that equips students how to pastor, counsel and disciple people in the truth of God's Word. He is a man of great humility, love and compassion and is a wonderful example to the students who benefit greatly from his love for people, his honesty and the way he leads people through the challenges they face.

The Kingdom Faith Team & Guest Speakers

Several other members of the Kingdom Faith Church staff team teach in the Training College throughout the year as well as mentoring and discipling students on a one-to-one basis.

Every year we are privileged to have a number of guest speakers visit both the Church and Training College who have national and international ministries which adds a further dimension of teaching and impartation into the lives of the students.